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Pediatric Speech & Language Therapy

EARLY INTERVENTION (we are a provider through the Regional Center of East Bay)

Evaluation Process

We will begin with a thorough evaluation of your child's communication skills and challenges. This process typically includes:

  • A parent interview

  • Child/therapist play interaction

  • Observations of your child engaged in a variety of activities

  • Language sample analysis

  • Formal assessment measures


Blooming Speech Therapy does require an evaluation before therapy services begin. If your child has participated in an evaluation within the past month, we may decide to create a therapy plan based on the completed evaluation report. This is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Therapy Approach

Our therapy approach is affirming of neurodiversity and based in play! Our sessions are full of "big body" movements, motivating toys, imaginative scenarios, and sensory activities like water beads. We are passionate about forming a trusting relationship with your child, teaching them in the way that they learn best, and helping them gain positive communication experiences.


We believe that parent input and family participation is vital to the therapy process, so we often encourage family members to join in on sessions. By teaching you new ways to support your child's communication in daily life, we can help your whole family flourish together!

Autistic child doing sensory activities at Blooming Speech Therapy in CA


We follow your child's lead during therapy! Our goal is to support their sensory needs and foster their interests while helping them build meaningful connections. Since most autistic children are gestalt language processors - meaning that they use delayed echolalia, gestalts, and scripting to communicate - we use the Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) framework to help them use more original and self-generated language! 


We help children with phonological disorders, articulation disorders, and Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) speak clearly and use age-appropriate speech sounds. Our proven therapy approaches are based in research and tailored to address your child's underlying speech challenges. For example, we may use methods based in motor learning, phonological awareness, and articulatory positioning to help your little one communicate with confidence. 

Child with Down Syndrome in speech therapy with her mother in CA
Toddler playing in sand during early language therapy for late talker


Language therapy is fun, playful, and motivating! We follow your child's lead to engage in activities that motivate them to participate and communicate. Whether your child is working toward their first words, practicing word combinations, learning to understand directions, or trying new ways to express themselves, we can provide your whole family with strategies to support their growth.

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching sessions are designed with your family in mind! We program individualized sessions to provide you with specific strategies and tools to enhance your child’s communication skills every day. You will receive creative ways to support your child's unique speech and language journey during activities that are already a part of your family’s routine-- like book reading, mealtimes, and playing at the park! 

Dad lifting daughter in the air during parent coaching session in CA

Ready to Get Started?

Book your free consultation call with Paige. She will answer your questions, discuss your concerns, and recommend the next steps for you and your family.

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